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WIN-SYSTEM-ONE: GET READY TO PLAN with this roulette tip!

Win-system-One is not designed to be an income-producing roulette system.

It is intended for groups and individuals who wish to keep their

hopes alive for the big win and play over the long term

essentially at no cost.

Before you begin to play using Win-system-One you must compose a

table similar to the one below for your favorite lottery. You

must also determine whether you can bet as many tickets as you

like on a single combination of numbers. This formula will not

work in lotteries where you cannot choose the numbers you wish

to play.

Tip:  Here's How to Make Your Own Table:

Under "Your Bet" for play 1, put the lowest amount you can bet

(usually $1.)

Under "Total Bet" place the total amount you have bet on that

series of plays (for play 1, the cost of 1 bet: for play 2, the

cost of 2 bets, etc.)

Under "Total Win", place the amount you would win in that play

if you won. Find this out by multiplying your bet by the payout

(A $5 bet with 6:1 payout gives a $30 total win.)

Under "Net Profit" place the amount you would receive in profit

if you won on that play. Find this out by subtracting "Total

Bet" from "Total Win". If "Total Bet" is larger than "Total

Win", you must increase the bet until "Total Win" exceeds "Total


A Sample Table:

Here is how we get our results for one week's work of draws

based on a $1 minimum bet and a $10 minimum win.

Bet No. Your Bet Total Bet Total Win Net Profit

1 $ 1 $ 1 $ 10 $ 9

2 $ 1 $ 2 $ 10 $ 8

3 $ 1 $ 3 $ 10 $ 7

9 $ 1 $ 9 $ 10 $ 1

10 $ 2 $ 11 $ 20 $ 9

11 $ 2 $ 13 $ 20 $ 7

12 $ 2 $ 15 $ 20 $ 5

13 $ 2 $ 17 $ 20 $ 3

14 $ 2 $ 19 $ 20 $ 1

15 $ 3 $ 22 $ 30 $ 8

16 $ 3 $ 25 $ 30 $ 5

17 $ 3 $ 28 $ 30 $ 6

18 $ 4 $ 32 $ 40 $ 8

19 $ 4 $ 36 $ 40 $ 4

20 $ 5 $ 41 $ 50 $ 9

33 $18 $177 $180 $ 3

34 $20 $197 $200 $ 3

35 $22 $219 $220 $ 1

36 $25 $244 $250 $ 6


Win-system-One works to make you a profit on your lottery dollar

by insuring that no matter how much you have bet previously when

using the formula, you can always make a small profit every time

you win.

Win-system-One is not designed to be an income-producing roulette system.

It is, rather, intended to allow you to keep your hopes alive

for the big prizes without actually costing you money

out-of-pocket to play regularly.

We do not advise use of this system in lotteries offering

greater than 70 to 1 odds against winning the smallest prize.

You can find out the odds against the minimum prize (usually $5

or $10) from your regular lottery dealer. All state-run

lotteries are required to furnish complete odds on demand. Your

dealer can also tell you whether you can purchase large blocks

of tickets on single combinations of numbers.



Always start with a single ticket (usually $1) on every sequence

of bets.

Bet the required amount as shown by the table you composed for

your own lottery - no more and no less.

Increase your bet as required by your table. If you cannot

afford to bet the full amount, do not place the bet until you


Always bet the full amount shown on the table for that draw on a

single combination of numbers. You need not bet the same set

of number on every draw, but do not divide your bet among two or

more sets of numbers. You will increase your odds of winning,

but reduce your chances of making a profit.

Every time you win, regardless of the total, return to the top

of the table and start over again on a single ticket.


In order to be guaranteed a profit using WinSystem, you must

follow the formula until you have a win. Each time you win you

are guaranteed a profit.

If for any reason you are unable to continue using the system

you are advised for your own safety, that the farther you

advance through the formula without a win, the more you will

ultimately lose if at any time you quit playing.

Odds on lotteries can appear to be misleading. We must tell you

that if your odds against winning a minimum prize are 25:1, you

have only a 50% chance of winning once in 25 draws; only a 75%

chance of winning once in 50 draws, and only an 87.5% chance of

winning once in 100 draws. This means that one time in eight

you will go 100 draws without a win. If you continue to bet on

any game with reasonable odds, you will win eventually . . . if

you don't go broke first.



This "historically-based" system of picking numbers is gaining

increasing popularity in the United States. It cannot guarantee

a profit, however, and there is no mathematical basis for any

claim that it increases your chance of winning. It is presented

merely as a curiosity.

To use this system, take three to five decks of cards or sets of

slips of paper. They will represent the numbers which could be

drawn in a given lottery. Some lotteries have 54 numbers, so in

order to do this properly you should have jokers in the deck.

The slips of paper should be as close to the same size as

possible for the best random selection. If your lottery does

have 54 numbers, use the whole deck with jokers. If it has 53,

remove one joker; both for 52; the king of diamonds for 51;

the queen of diamonds for 50; and so on until you have the same

number of cards in each deck as there are numbers to be drawn


Next, assign number to your cards and slips of paper. Write

numbers corresponding to numbers to be drawn on three to five

sets of slips of paper, or chart each card left in the deck with

a number. Write the cart on a separate sheet of paper this way:

Ace of spades equals 2, deuce equals 3, up to king of spades

which equals 13. The ace of clubs then equals 14, up to the

king of clubs which is 26. The ace of hearts equals 27 up to

the king which equals 39, and so on through the diamonds. The

jokers, if necessary, will equals 53 and 54.

Find out the numbers drawn in the last five to twenty draws and

keep them handy. Then remove slips of paper or playing cards

corresponding to the numbers drawn. The number already drawn

are not important; we want what's left after they have been

removed. When you find a number that's been drawn twice in

recent draws, take the corresponding card out of the second deck

of cards or set of slips. Keep removing numbers until you run

across one that you have already removed from the other decks.

You should have a relatively small number of cards left which

will represent the numbers you will select from when you

purchase your tickets.

Eventually you will have to go back to the oldest draw from

which you removed cards or slips and place those numbers back in

the pile in order to have a good selection.

What your are doing here is removing numbers which have been

drawn in the past on the assumption that those numbers have less

chance of being drawn in the future. In actual fact, you're not

gaining a thing. The lottery corporation returns all numbers

drawn into the bin or barrel so they can be drawn from on the

next draw. In doing so they make sure that every number has an

equal chance of being drawn in any given draw. Some may claim

that since some balls drop more often than others, the opposite

happens. Frequently drawn number, they say, stand a better

chance of being drawn in the future, which is again not true.

The balls used in most lotteries are made to extremely close

tolerances, and lottery gear is very expensive as a result. The

firms who make this equipment take extreme care to make sure

that just such a thing cannot and will not happen.

While it may be fun to experiment with tips, numbers and formulas,

they really can't be made to work. "Elimination-based" systems

may be fun to play with, but they do nothing to increase your



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